Brief History of our Karaoke Nights

The Black Tie Hot Dog Dinner

(Better known now as “Karaoke”)

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In the early 2000’s, some members of the Ways and Means Committee were trying to think of ways to bring some additional funds to the church but wanted to tie it to a social or fun event. The committee typically would host dinners, but they were costly and labor intensive and, although fun, didn’t realize much profit. We noted that politicians raised money by hosting expensive dinners, sometimes as much as $1,000 a plate, that served a minimal menu to increase their net profit. Knowing that we could never ask that much, we thought “how about $20 a plate, as opposed to our typical $8or $10?”. To maximize our net funding to the church and to allow our hard workers a night of fun for themselves, it was decided that we would just serve hot dogs and chips, with maybe a simple dessert. And, of course, such a dinner would have to be “BlackTie”! and thus, the first “Black Tie Hot Dog Dinner” was born! The black tie idea was purely tongue in cheek, of course, and we saw our guests wearing everything from tuxedo printed T shirts, to black neck ties, to actual tuxedo wearers! But there was one more consideration to address: entertainment! Someone said that the big fad lately was karaoke! So we thought “Why not give it a try?”. The rest of course is history!