Way and Means Committee

This committee shall be appointed at the first Cabinet meeting of the year by the Church Cabinet, and should consist of at least eight people. The committee shall include one or more members of the Board of Trustees and the Treasurer. The duties of this committee are:

  • To develop a budget for the General Operating Fund for the ensuing year, present it to the Church Cabinet for approval, and subsequently to the Church for adoption at the Annual Meeting.

  • To review the receipts and disbursements of the church in relation to the budget, and to arrange and promote the raising of funds as necessary to meet the Church’s budget and other financial commitments.

Annual Popular Events: Spaghetti Dinner & Dime Social Karaoke Block Party


All church members are members of the Ways and Means Committee. Only the chairperson is listed here.

Don Mendro

You can contact the Ways and Means Committee by emailing them at waysandmeanscommittee@ccjpucc.org

Ways and Means Message