Diaconate Board

The Diaconate Board, together with the Pastor, shall be responsible for the ministry of the worship service. The Board shall assist the Pastor in the preparation and administration of the sacraments, in caring for the poor, the sick, the sorrowing, the stranger, and visiting the people of the Church family.

The Diaconate Board shall meet regularly with, and counsel with the Pastor on matters pertaining to the spiritual welfare of the Church and the relations of its members. The Diaconate Board shall make an annual survey of the Church Roll, and at the annual meeting submit recommendations to the Church regarding necessary revisions. The board shall provide for the supply of the pulpit in case of a vacancy or the absence of the Pastor, and shall select a person to serve as the Head Usher. 

The Board shall have sole jurisdiction in the administration of the Diaconate Fund. 

Pulpit Supply Calendar


*Ken Doody

Janis Gooday

Chuck Bezold

Cathy Calato

Lynne Hill

Janet Owens 

* = Chairperson

You can contact the Diaconate Board by emailing Diaconateboard@ccjpucc.org

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